3 Easy Steps to a Cute Safari Mason Jar!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

My big sister is nearly 6 months pregnant with her first child, and I am so excited to meet baby Aiden! I'm throwing her baby shower in two weeks, a Lion King themed party to match his nursery. First order of crafting business? Safari mason jars as drinking glasses!

These were actually so easy to make! You will need: a pack of mason jars, animal print ribbon (I used 1.5" ribbon), a hot glue gun, and jute. Everything is available at a crafts store like Michael's, but the mason jars are about half the price at Target or Wal-Mart. 

All you have to do is wrap the ribbon around and hot glue it. I hot glued one end to the jar itself, then cut the ribbon long enough so the ends overlapped a little. I glued the other end to the ribbon where it was overlapping. 

My hot glue gun was taking a looooong time to heat up, so I cut all the ribbon to length while I waited. 

This turned out to be so much easier because I didn't have to measure the ribbon against the mason jar and cut each time. I made 8 jars with the zebra print ribbon and it took me just under 3 yards. After the ribbon is glued on, wrap a piece of jute around the jar and tie it into a knot. So simple! And you can use any ribbon you like! I used zebra print, cheetah print, and plain burlap. 

There you have it! 3 easy steps to a Safari mason jar! Let me know in the comments how you customize this craft for your own parties! 

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