Chimney Rock, North Carolina

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Traveling is easily my favorite thing to do. I love going to new places and trying new things. Last week, a went on a 2,200 mile road trip which was very new for me. I drove from Tampa, to Jacksonville, to Atlanta, Charlotte, Asheville, Nashville, and then Birmingham before returning home. By myself. 

It was definitely a new experience. I've never driven that far, especially not alone. I've also never seen leaves change color! I was fascinated by my drive through the mountains and all the reds, yellows, and even purples! I had a free day in Asheville, North Carolina, so I decided, Hey, why not climb a mountain?
So, it was a little harder than I expected, and I cheated. Its about a five mile drive up the mountain, then an elevator, and then the steps. Park admission is usually $16.00, but it was only $13.00 for me with my teacher discount. They also said I could have the second day admission free since I arrived after 4pm (the park closes at 6). The drive up is a long, winding mountain road that is as scary as it is beautiful. The roads are narrow and the curves are sharp! 

After the final parking lot, and the elevator, there's still over 1,000 vertical feet to climb until you get to Exclamation Point, the mostly aptly named sight I've ever heard of. You can see Lake Lure and the river, as well as all the surrounding mountains. It is truly breathtaking. 

The whole trip up and down took me about two hours, but there are paths all the way up if you're feeling really adventurous (and fit!). It was a great way to spend my afternoon! I also learned that I love hiking. 

I'm excited to go back to North Carolina and try some new hiking trails. Although it's about 30 degrees up there now, so maybe I'll stay in Florida for the next few months.....

Until next time! 

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