Easy Safari Party Foods!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

I actually really want to be a party planner when I "grow up," so I had a ton of fun throwing my sister's baby shower. Since she's making her baby's nursery Lion King themed, I thought a safari shower would be super cute and fun! 

The "grub cups" were probably the most fun to make, although they did also take the longest. My little brother (he's five and the cutest human on the planet) and my amazing boyfriend helped enormously. First, we made six boxes of instant chocolate pudding, according to package directions, and spooned that into 24 cups. Then, we crushed up a pack and a half of Oreos in a Ziploc bag. My brother, Jacob, loved practicing his counting in Spanish as he spooned 3 scoops of Oreo crumbs into each cup! Then, Jacob topped each one with a "grub" - I think Timon and Pumba would be quite pleased with the end result! The whole process only took about twenty minutes. 

These zebra cakes were the easiest. We literally just opened three boxes of Little Debbie Zebra Cakes and put them on a platter! Hey, why make things complicated?

These were all made by my boyfriend, Trevor, and actually they were his idea too! We used "little smokies" (over by the bacon in the grocery store) and crescent roll dough. Trev cut each triangle of dough into 3 triangles and wrapped one around each hot dog. Ten minutes at 350 F and ta-da! They went really quickly - we made about forty and they were gone so fast!

Again, going for the simplicity here! Who doesn't love Cheetos? I mean, really! 

This cupcake tower is something I am particularly proud of. I found zebra print cupcake liners at Michael's, and the grocery store now sells cupcake mix in all sorts of bright colors, so I grabbed green and blue to go with the party's color scheme. My secret to making box mix taste extra delicious? Just add a little extra oil - it makes them so perfectly moist! I ended up making 48 minis and a dozen of the regular size cupcakes. They turned out great! A few party guests even asked if I had bought them - I'll take that as the highest compliment! 

These are the safari Mason jars I made last week. You can find the tutorial here. The little flag stickers on the straws didn't stay on too well, but they still looked great!

Our Pumba Punch was made with my favorite (non-alcoholic) party punch recipe - 1 part ginger ale, 2 parts Sprite, and about 2 cups each of lime and pineapple sherbet. Yum! 

And there you have it! Quick, easy, crowd-pleasing treats for any safari themed party! Got more ideas? Let me know in the comments below! 

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