Thirsty Thursday: 5 Ingredient Raspberry Mojito

Thursday, November 20, 2014

This baby is the perfect pick-me-up after a long day at work - and it is so easy to make! I was always kind of intimidated by mojitos...until I realized how simple they are! I like making them by the pitcher for parties, but if it's just you, just use a shot glass to measure the vodka.

You will need:
Lime juice
Seltzer water

First, if you're making just one, pour a shot of vodka into your glass. If you're making a pitcher, pour in a cup of vodka. Next, you need to muddle together the lime, mint, and raspberries. Basically, muddle is just a fancy word for "mash up." I used one and a half cartons of raspberries for a pitcher and about half a lime, and leaves from about six sprigs of mint. Add the fruit to the pitcher.
Third (and last!) pour in three cups of seltzer water (I used raspberry seltzer water and it was delicious). Pop it in the fridge to chill and you're done! 

Enjoy responsibly! 

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