Frosting the Perfect Cupcake - With No Fancy Equipment!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Okay, seriously, who doesn't like cupcakes? They're little bite sized bits of joy. Frosting cupcakes, however, is a totally different story. If you try to use a regular knife, the frosting looks so uneven. If you start buying pastry bags and tips, the cost really starts to add up. Here's a way to frost perfect cupcakes - with things you already have at home. 

The first two things you need are a ziploc and a mug or other cup. Put the ziploc inside of the cup and wrap the edges of the bag around the cup, as seen above. 

 Spoon the frosting into the ziploc, getting it as far down to the bottom as you can. I can usually get in about half a can of frosting before it starts getting too full and too messy. Take the ziploc out and seal it. 

Cut off a small piece of one corner. Cutting off a very small piece (about 1mm) will give you fine lines. I cut off about 1cm to get the thicker lines you'll see below. 

 Squeeze the icing towards the corner you cut. Try to get all the air out. Pop the bag in the freezer for a few minutes so the frosting thickens. This will make it easier to control.

Now start frosting! Keep the bag as straight as possible and make sure you use even pressure. 

Starting at the outside, make a spiral until you reach the middle. 

If your frosting starts to get too soft, put it back in the freezer for a little bit. However, if you put it in too long, it'll be impossible to squeeze out! If that happens, leave it sitting out, or rub it between your hands so your body heat warms it up. 

I love the thick spiral of icing here! To make your cupcake even more decadent looking, pipe another spiral of icing over the one you just made. This will give it that look of a real gourmet cupcake! 

Also, sprinkles. Sprinkles are always a good idea. 

Happy baking! 

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