New York Countdown: 14 Days / NYC Restaurant Review

Monday, December 8, 2014

 I am going to admit to the cliche: I love New York City. My first trip here was Christmas two years ago, but I didn't get to see much of the city. But when my boyfriend, Trevor, invited me to NYC to meet his parents over the summer he said the trip was mine and we could do whatever I pleased. After mostly getting ignored on the my last trip with my ex-boyfriend, that was music to my ears. I think I fell a little bit more in love with Trevor when he said that. We're going back to spend Christmas with his parents and I can't wait! 

So what's a Florida girl to do her first time in New York? Basically, shop, and eat. My two favorite things to do in any city! We went to SoHo and checked out Warby Parker's bricks-and-mortar store (above, right). We tried all the French bakeries we could find (above, left). I'm a big, big fan of carbs. 

His parents also took us to Fogo de Chao, a churrascaria, or Brazilian steakhouse. If you ever get the chance - go! And don't wear tight clothes! You'll notice the enormous food baby I have in the photos above. (His parents took the pictures, which would explain the quality of them). Basically, you get a coaster; one side is red and the other side is green. If you have the green side up, the waiters will come around with giant skewers of meat and carve you off a piece. And they'll keep coming and keep coming so long as you have the green side up. It's an all-you-can eat buffet of the most delicious foods you can imagine. There's also a salad bar that is to die for. 

We also went to Park, which is just down the street from Chelsea Market and the High Line. The ambiance here is so cool. It very natural and rustic, with twinkle lights on the patio. The food is great and their signature cocktails are even better! We also got a sundae - I didn't know an ice cream sundae could be that good! 

Obviously, we went to more places and did more things! I'll tell you more in my next NYC post! 

Until then!

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