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Monday, January 19, 2015

Finding the perfect dress!

Just because Trevor and I just got engaged doesn't mean that I haven't been looking at wedding dresses for a while. Hey, I can't control what comes up on Tumblr or Pinterest. It was through those two sites that I found the wedding dress designer Truvelle.

Eden by Truvelle
Sierra by Truvelle

The gowns, made by Gaby Bayona, are soft and feminine, with a little bit of bohemian glamour. I instantly fell in love with the entire collection. I knew I'd be wearing a Truvelle dress to walk down the aisle. Trouble is….the designer is based in Canada. I won't even buy a bathing suit online. I'm certainly not going to buy my wedding dress online!

Eden by Truvelle
I scoured the website until I found a list of stores that carry Truvelle dresses. One happened to be in Nashville; my friend Dixie just moved to one of Nashville's suburbs for school. I instantly decided I would have to make a trip to The Dress Theory in Nashville before our wedding to look for a dress. While on the Dress Theory's website last Monday, I saw that they were having a Truvelle trunk show that weekend! Within 48 hours, travel plans were arranged. 

Eden by Truvelle
Eden by Truvelle

Michelle by Truvelle

I loved all the dresses as much in person as I did online.  Deciding on one gown was a lot more difficult than I expected! I really liked the sparkles and the back of Eden, above. Michelle was very sexy and feminine, but ultimately a little too low-cut for me. Nicolet, below, was a close runner up to the gown I actually bought.

Nicolet by Truvelle 
Berkeley by Truvelle
Sierra  by Truvelle
Sierra by Truvelle
Sierra is for a bride that wants to make an entrance. I love this dress and everyone in the shop was crazy for it, but it just didn't feel quite right. I am dreaming of a softer, more casual wedding. This dress is just a little too bold for me. 

Now of course, you're dying to know which dress I actually chose, right? Unfortunately you, like my fiancĂ©, will have to wait 22 long months before finding out! 

Special thanks to Kaylee at The Dress Theory for putting up with me as I tried on a dozen dresses, and to my friend Carly for taking pictures. Find Truvelle at their website or their Etsy page

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