Wedding Wednesday: My Favorite Wedding Registry Sites

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Building a registry is much more stressful than I expected! Trevor and I have most of the essentials we need. Plus, there are so many options on places to register! Here are some of my favorites. 

1. Anthropologie

I love Anthropologie, so I was especially excited when they announce that they now do wedding registries. This site is for the slightly more eclectic couple. You won't find your classic wedding china here, but you will find cute accents for your home. 

Gold trimmed Cupcake stand, $16
The Newlywed Cookbook, $35
Mr. and Mrs. Dish Towels

See our full Anthropologie registry here

2. Kate Spade

 Kate Spade always manages the perfect blend of tradition and whimsy. My favorite is the broad selection of china patterns. Go for something classic like the Chapel Hill Collection (below, right), or choose something with and unexpected twist, like the Larabee Road Platinum Collection (below, left). 

Kate Spade also has a cute collection of his and hers glasses, perfect for the newly married couple to enjoy. 

Hiballs found here, $50 for the set
Other fun items on the Kate Spade site include vases, sparkly coaster, Mr. and Mrs. picture frames, and glittery coasters! 

3. Macy's 

Macy's is the classic place to go for your registry. They have everything you need, from bath towels to bedsheets to kitchen appliances. I highly recommend registering in store, because they give you a checklist of essential registry items. You can also set up a Dream Fund, where guests can donate towards your honeymoon, mortgage, or items you love that didn't get purchased. Also, if you love Kate Spade but don't want many different registries, Kate Spade's items are available from Macy's too.

See our Macy's registry here.

  4. Zola

Zola hails themselves as the registry for the modern couple, and it's a very cool website. You can basically add items from any website you like. My two favorite features are the group gifting feature and the Honeymoon & Cash Fund option. You can turn "Group Gifting" on for any item, so if it is out of a guest's budget, they can easily split the cost with other guests. The Honeymoon & Cash Fund allows your guests to donate money towards parts of your wedding, parts of your wedding, a house downpayment, and more! You can also add "Experiences" to your registry, like cooking classes, salon services, or gym memberships. This registry truly lets you have it all! 

See our Zola registry here.  

5. Honeyfund

This site is for the couple who already has all the dishes and kitchen appliances they need. Guests can register to help pay for different parts of your honeymoon: food, airfare, spa services…basically anything and everything to make your honeymoon the best time ever! Couples can raise anywhere from $3,000 to $25,000! Below, two sample stories!

So, where are you dying to register for your honeymoon? Let me know in the comments below! 

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