Adventure April: Summer Travel Essentials - Part 1

Friday, April 3, 2015

In case you didn't read my Costa Rica post, I have decided that April is going to be dedicated to posts about travel, so I'm starting a month-long series called April Adventures! To start, I wanted to share with you some things I always make sure to pack for a summer vacation! 

1. Sunglasses
I always bring a few pairs of cheap sunglasses because I am notorious for losing mine. I like Forever 21, Ann Taylor LOFT, and Francesca's Collections. These classic aviators are less than $7! Or try these for an edgier look! 

2. Bathing Suit
It's not a vacation without beach days or pool days, so you have to pack a swimsuit! This year is all about cool cutouts, but I prefer a classic bikini that won't give me weird tan lines.  I love Victoria's Secret bathing suits, because I like the support they give. This bandeau comes in 16 cute colors and prints and comes with push-up padding and underwire. This bikini comes in 6 colors and has a subtle cut-out for a look that's on-trend without going overboard. More of a one-piece girl? Check out one,two, and three!

3. Beach Towel
This one fits right in with a swimsuit and sunglasses, don't you think? A cute beach towel is a must for laying out or drying off! Here are 5 adorable options!

4. Canvas Shoes
Whether you prefer the classic Vans, Keds, Converse, or something else, canvas shoes are a must for summer travels! They are great for sightseeing days, or days when you get a little extra adventurous! I took mine horseback riding and hiking in Costa Rica over Spring Break! Plus, they're on sale right now for $13! Great deal! 

5. Flip Flops
If you're planning on spending any time at the beach or pool during your vacation, then you've got to bring flip flops! (Bonus - they hardly take up any room in your bag, or you can wear them through the airport to make security a little bit faster!) There are too many options to list, since you can find these summer staples at basically any retailer! 

6. Water-Resistant Jacket
I bought a water-resistant jacket for Costa Rica, thinking it would be raining a lot. Well, of course it didn't rain once! Still, this jacket was such a great investment! You can also find great options from Under Armour, Nike, or other sports apparel brands. 

7. Suntan lotion
This one is a no-brainer, right? Nothing will kill your vacation vibes faster than a lobster red sunburn! Even if you don't burn, everyone should wear sunscreen since UVA and UVB rays can cause skin cancer and aging in all skin types. I like the spray options and for a tropical climate, I try to choose sweat and water resistant ones. Not sure what SPF to use? According to dermatologists, the consensus is that you should be wearing at least SPF 30, which protects from about 97% of the sun's rays. 

8. Bobby Pins
Bobby pins aren't just for functionality anymore, guys! Of course, they're great for taming hair when it's 82 degrees with 82% humidity, but they also add a little something extra while taking up basically zero room in your suitcase. Here are some cute ideas for the exposed bobby pin trend:
Photo from

9. Hair ties
Again, with the fashion meets function. Whether you prefer simple no-show bands, or like the 90s velvet scrunch trend (seen here), these are easy to forget but important to bring! I definitely rocked my baby ponytail in Costa Rica (and wished my hair was longer already!)

10. Sundress
Sundresses are perfect for casual sight-seeing days, or fancier going-out nights. Here are three versatile options from ModCloth:

Other great places I like to shop are American Eagle, Urban Outfitters, and Forever 21. 

For more, wait until my next Travel Essentials post! Coming soon!

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