When Life Feels "One Step Forward, Three Steps Back"

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The art above is by Annette Castro of The Rustic Orange. She has beautiful, hand-painted wood signs with a variety of phrases ranging from romantic to inspirational. I follow her on instagram and not only is she a great artist, she's a great person as well! I love motivational quotes and prints for when I'm feeling a little down and out, and I have to admit I've been feeling that way a lot lately. Here's whats going on, and my best ways to deal. 

I was recently laid off from a job, and although I just started a new job, I'm not going to lie to you: I've been feeling like a complete failure. I'm stressed about this new job, finances, the wedding…everything. Everything was all figured out, and then the floor fell out beneath me. Has that ever happened to you? How do you cope? Here are some tricks I've been using. 

1. Music
Whether you like Pandora, Spotify, YouTube, or whatever, there's an app out there for you to find music to call your troubled mind. I like iTunes radio for tranquil, yoga-type soundscapes, or I'll pull up my favorite songs from my library and sing-along. I have a couple of feel-good, inspirational songs that I like too. A couple of my favorite pick-me-up songs include:
Shake It Off, Taylor Swift
Afterlife, Ingrid Michaelson
You've Got the Love, Florence + The Machine

2. Yoga & Meditation
I love yoga. It feels great physically but it's also great for calming my restless thoughts. You can go to a class or find a YouTube video. I like classes because then I am in an atmosphere that is all about calm, instead of my apartment where I'm reminded of chores to be done. If you've never gone to a class before, keep an open mind! Some teachers or classes will be a better fit for you than others. Even though I have a teacher I love, sometimes I'm having a really off day where I can't focus on the moment, or I'm busy comparing myself to everyone else in the class. 

A little workout reminder from The Rustic Orange

3. Running
Any exercise is proven to boost your moods (remember what Elle Woods said?), but I like running best because it feels like I can metaphorically run from whats bothering me. Also, a great way to tie in music by using a great playlist!

4. Treat Yo' Self
Whether it's a manicure or a new pair of shoes, treat yourself to a little something that will boost your mood. Remember though, that kind of mood boost is very temporary. Also, make sure not to put yourself in a financial bind! 

5. Look on the Bright Side
Sooo cliche, I know, I know. And honestly, it can be really freaking hard to do. But life has its ups and downs. That's what makes life life. Remind yourself that it will get better. 

6. Give Yourself Time
Getting better doesn't happen over night. Fixing something that has gone wrong can take a while. Heal on your schedule. Don't let anyone make you think that your feelings aren't valid or that you should have gotten over it by now. Your feelings are always valid. 

7. Find Friends
This is what friends are for, right? Tough times are the times you need your friends the most. Grab a bottle of wine with your best friends or have a phone date if you live far apart. Don't be scared to ask for support. 

8. Take it Day by Day
If looking far into the future is too much for you, don't think about it. Get through the day you're in, and then go from there. 

I hope these tips help, even though I know all the words in the world won't help. Share what helps get you through the day, or your own story. Everything works out in the end!

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