Our Engagement Party!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

My fiancé and I at our engagement party afterparty! 

Unfortunately, we didn't get a lot of clear pictures of the set up of our party! We were going with an Italian themed menu! From mini lasagnes, to caprese appetizers, and, of course, wine! 

This was our drinks table, with gold polka dot plates, and mason jars with paper straws (red hearts, pink stripes, or blue chevron). On this table, we had olives, bite size caprese appetizers, bread, and homemade raspberry mojitos!

Sorry that this picture is so blurry! From right to left, petite lasagnes, arancini (fried balls of rice and cheese...yes please!), sweet bacon-wrapped chicken bites, and spinach lasagna roll-ups. 

Balloons equal instant festivity, right?

We played a version of the Newlyweds Game with some of our married/dating friends and it was a big hit!

It was a ton of fun! We played against Trevor's sister and brother-in-law (married six years), my best friend Carly and her boyfriend, Neil (dating almost two years), and two of Trevor's best friends (not dating, but friends for years goofing off).  Trevor and I won, of course! 

I also finally got to pop the question to my girls! 

I wish I had gotten a clearer picture of their present bags and the calligraphy cards I made! 

Like the "be my bridesmaids" cards I made? Buy a similar one I made for my Easy shop! Get it here!

I also made little info packets for all my girls, with info on bridesmaids dresses, wedding day agenda, bachelorette party plans, and each other's contact info. Basically, a total need-to-know for the bridesmaids! 

My girl, Alicia, wearing the necklace I made her! 

My girls and I! My Matron of Honor, my sister, Stephanie, was feeding her newborn during picture time, unfortunately. I love this group of ladies! 

There's my gorgeous Matron of Honor! This is my family, in all their kooky glory! 

That little bug is my brother, the only fella who could ever compete with Trev for my love and attention. 

He's popular with all the ladies, my bridesmaid Dixie included. 

After the party, we went out to a Jacksonville bar called Black Finn. I believe you could say we turned up (is that the right way to use that phrase?)

When I asked for extra lime, our bartender did not mess around. 

Finally, some outfit details! 

Dress: Francesca's
Shoes: DSW 

Thanks to everyone who came out and celebrated! I had a fantastic time! Love you guys!

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