Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Trev and I threw a Halloween party last Saturday (since I'll be at the Taylor Swift concert on Halloween!), so I needed a costume. 

I really wanted to be a mermaid, but I'm not a big believer in spending a ton of money on something I'll only wear once (wedding dress not included). I headed to the mall, not quite sure what I was looking for. I found this tank top and skirt at Forever 21 for $2 and $14, respectively. It looks dark in the picture, but its actually the perfect Ariel color. I've had the white skirt for years and years from bebe. It is layers of lace and it works quite well as a petticoat, in my opinion. I bought some glittery starfish from Michael's and hot glued them to bobby pins for my hair and t-shirt.

 I used this look to base my eye make-up off of. I did't get a good picture, and it didn't look that good anyways! I added glitter to my eyeshadow and hair as well. 

The party was pretty simple. We just threw together some snacks, and I made these drinks above - recipe in post coming soon! 

Trevor was actually more adamant about doing a couple's costume than I was! We got his shirt and the scarf around his waist from Goodwill two years ago to dress up as pirates for Gasparilla. Worked out well for him to be my Prince Eric! 

What will you be for Halloween? Let me know in the comments! 

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