Why I'm Turning My Back on the Wedding - Temporarily

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Why I'm Turning My Back on the Wedding -

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It's no secret that I'm excited about getting married, or that I love wedding planning. But lately I've noticed myself turning into that girl that talks about nothing else. Now, this is common behavior when I'm planning something or working on something. I can be very single-minded until all the pieces are put together. When I was running summer camp at Carrollwood Day School, I had every moment of all 9 weeks planned by February. 

Similarly, there are 8 months left until the wedding, and almost everything is in order. The venue, caterer, florist, dress, favors, DJ, invitations, guest list - it's all done. The only thing left is the cake, and the tiny details - making the programs, hand lettering the envelopes, those things. 

An example of calligraphy I'll never accomplish from

Lately, I've noticed myself slipping down the dark path into Bridezilla-dom, and I've been getting frustrated that people aren't as outwardly excited as I am. I've had a couple of people remind me that it's still a long way away, and so it doesn't really seem real to them yet, but that didn't really sink in until recently. Trevor pointed out that people probably don't even realize how much of the wedding is planned because - let's face it - I'm a freak and I've surpassed every Wedding Planning Timeline by a few months. "People probably don't realize they can talk to you about that stuff, because most brides don't have it done or are stressed about it." Yes, Trev is the ying to my yang, the Oscar to my Felix (not that he's sloppy). And he's got a point. Also, I'm starting to realize that people don't want to talk about my wedding nonstop, even though I do. Head-Up-My-Ass-Syndrome, but I think its cured now. 

Basically everyone lately, probably. 

I've also noticed the sneaky signs of stress - constant exhaustion, blemishes, tense muscles. On top of picking colors and cake flavors, the financial aspect is also stressful. I think it's harder and more stressful to plan a small wedding than a big one, or at least it can be. Check out this post on my other (now mostly defunct) blog about saving money at the florist. I've applied that same amount of research to every aspect of the wedding and it takes a toll. The Knot says wedding planning can feel like a second job, and I definitely agree.  

I've also noticed an ever-present irritability that has been getting in the way of my relationship with Trev. I've been working on the wedding more than our marriage. That was the real realization that made me want to put on the breaks. 

Thanks, SomeEcards.

Luckily, I'm far enough ahead that I can take a break and not worry about anything slipping through the cracks. It's one good thing about being a super-planner. I'll still be keeping up with my pre-wedding beauty routines and such, but I'm swearing off planning and talking about it until after Halloween (maybe there will be a beauty routine post in November).

I have lots of adventures coming up this month, and I plan on spending a lot of time with my fiancé and friends talking about anything and everything besides the W word.

So, here's a toast to not getting married - for the moment. 

And sorry to everyone I've annoyed in the meantime! 

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