Rincon Beach Resort

Monday, March 21, 2016

Since Trevor was on Spring Break last week, we decided to take a tropical getaway. We flew to Puerto Rico and stayed at Rincon Beach Resort, on the west coast of Puerto Rico.

Travel duds for our flight from Tampa to San Jose, after which we drove across the island to Aguadilla. It takes about three hours to drive all the way across the island, and the views were amazing. I didn't snap a ton of pictures because I was busy navigating while Trevor drove. Head's up if you ever travel to Puerto Rico - a lot of the roads don't have clearly defined lanes, so be careful!

Every view of the beach was amazing. After a (sometimes scary) drive, we made it to our resort.

I loved the way the pool backed right up to the ocean! It was so serene and gorgeous. Somehow, everything is Puerto Rico is brighter.

The resort had everything we needed, so we didn't stray very far for most of our trip. They had a cafe by the pool, a swim-up bar, an outdoors bar, and a restaurant. Needless to say, Trev and I enjoyed our fair share of fruity drinks! There were also a lot of little black birds that were so funny! We definitely did not feed them french fries in order to get better pictures.

 More pictures to come soon!

Outfit Details
Top: Express
Sweater: Banana Republic
Scarf: Forever 21
Weekender: Target
Keychain Wallet: Kate Spade
Wedges: Target
Plaid Bikini: Aerie 
Black Bikini: Victoria's Secret

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