The Busiest Two Months of My Life!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

The next two months are going to be crazy, hectic, and full of change, and I cannot wait! 


I feel like I am about to start a new chapter in my life, and I think these new headshot by Kelly Williams are a good symbol of that new chapter. I've never had real headshots taken before, and I haven't really had "real" photos taken of me since my hair has grown out.

We took our engagement photos back in September, and now our wedding is less than two months away! I am so ready to be Trevor's wife but it is so bizarre that I'm going to be a wife! 

Before the wedding, we've got a lot of other things going on. On May 1st, I am going to Orlando with Little Owl Little Bear for the PWG Wedding Show. This is my first big undertaking with LOLB, and I am so nervous! There are over 2,100 people expected to be there and I have invested quite a bit of money into this, so I really need it to go well! 

This shot is of my best friend/Maid of Honor and I from New Year's Eve. We're prepping the bachelorette party for the weekend of May 20 - which is, incidentally, two days after Trevor and I move! 

Yep, Trevor and I are moving in just under a month, to an apartment that his closer to his school and my job. I am so excited for our new apartment! (Still dreading moving though!) It's going to be so amazing - a new chapter in my career, a new apartment, and I finally get to be married for the man of my dreams. 

Just have to keep it all under control until then by aggressively channeling Leslie Knope. 

I'll keep you posted! 

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