Honeymoon, Day 1 & 2: Madrid & Travel to Lisbon

Thursday, September 22, 2016

The first 36 hours of our honeymoon were completely exhausting (but also wonderful!). 
We arrived in Madrid around noon and met up with a colleague of Trevor's parents. Her name was Maria, and she's an engineer for Nasa (!). She took us around Madrid, gave us some tips about the city, and we had lunch and some much-needed coffee. We also stopped by the Temple of Debod, the only Egyptian monument outside of Egypt. 

Unfortunately, the Temple was closed so we couldn't explore, but it was still very cool to see it from the outside! Madrilenos have dinner around 8pm or later, so we didn't eat dinner with Maria, as we had to catch our train to Lisbon. We took an overnight train through RailEurope and even though the train was very, very basic, it was comfortable enough for a night's sleep.  We arrived at the Oriente train station around 9am, which is right by the Centro de Vasca Gama, a large shopping mall, and Parque de Nacoes, or Park of Nations. We walked along the water for a bit and ate some yummy croissants before taking the subway to our hotel. 

When we arrived at the hotel, our room was unfortunately not ready, but they let us leave our bags in a locked area and we wandered around Parque Eduardo VII for a few hours, enjoying the greenery as well as all the colorful buildings in Lisbon! 

From one side of the park, you could see all the way to the water! It was such a beautiful view! Once we got into our hotel room, it overlooked the park (the hotel was called Miraparque, or "park view," so it made sense!). It was nice and cool in Lisbon so we left the windows open to relax a bit. The hotel was gorgeous and classic and we spent a good amount of time soaking our sore feet in the oversized bathtub! 

After resting up for an hour or two (and connecting to wifi to play PokemonGo), we showered and changed for a night exploring Madrid. The amazing thing about Madrid and Lisbon was that sunset was so late (around 9pm) so we had so much time to explore. We did so much on our evening outing that I am going to save it for its own post! 

I hope you guys enjoyed this first glimpse into our honeymoon! More to come soon!

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