Pont du Alexandre III

Friday, December 30, 2016

In October, I was lucky enough to take a weeklong trip to Paris! We woke up early to get these photos at the Pont du Alexandre, one of the many bridges crossing the Seine. It was freezing cold at first - we would take a few pictures, then I would hurry to get my jacket back on! However, as the sun rose, it became so much warmer, and by mid afternoon it was too hot for my jackets and tights! 

Although I normally wouldn't elect to wake up at 6am while on vacation, it was so nice to see Paris without any tourists! This bridge, normally packed with people, was completely empty until around 8am, and since I was up and about so early, I got so much more time to explore the city! Plus, the sunrise made for such beautiful coloring, don't you think? 

More from Paris, and from some other big events in 2016 coming soon (yes, including more about the wedding!) 

Photos by Jake and Dannie Studio, some edits by them, some by me :) 

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